A Note From the Director


Dance educators are the most passionate people you will ever meet. They love creating, they love giving themselves to their students, and they love the art of dance.

Because they are continually helping others grow and help others reach their full potential, there needs to be a time during the year where dance educators take a moment and help themselves grow.

This August 1st, 2020 is the first annual Bloom Dance Teacher Conference. A professional development event for all dance educators and studio owners. Bloom Dance Teacher Conference is focused on helping you with your personal growth as an educator and dance professional; with a wide variety of classes, speakers, and panel discussions focused on strengthening your students’ technique, raising mental health among your students, creating new choreography, improving your social media presence, maximizing your earning potential and much much more.

I’m Ashley Anderson, Director of Bloom Dance Teacher Conference, and it’s my hope that when you leave this conference you will feel energized, focused, and prepared for a new season of dance.

Take time on August 1st to bloom! Can’t wait to see you there!